Tiled TMX Importer

When Unity 2017.2’s Tilemap system came out, the first thing I wanted to do was import some maps into it.  Amazingly, Unity didn’t include any way to load the popular open-source TMX file format, so I figured – oh well, I’ll just have to do it myself 🙂

As I discovered, Unity’s Tilemap system is still in it’s early days and has some known issues, but I’m hoping this asset proves more useful to people as the feature matures.


Hello World!

My new website is up!  Yey!

I need one of these now that I’m indie, and will (eventually) have some new game related stuff to show 🙂
Maybe I’ll put some of my old stuff on here as well.
For now though, take a peek at the Hexels Unity importer – it’s a bit of a side project at the moment but maybe it’s worth me expanding…